About Mimi

I love to cook and even more I love to cook for others. I am devoted to the pleasure of food. I am thrilled to offer this service in your home.

For years my family has come to Pawleys Island for vacation. We want good food, but with toddlers, infants, and lots of people, we don't want to get everyone ready to eat out and then wait in lines at overcrowded restaurants with impatient children or spend vacation/relaxation/play time in the kitchen cooking.

As a family, we love sitting around our Pawley's table with none of the hassle of going out. I took coolers of home-cooked food that we can just popped in the oven and realized this food tasted just as good as fresh, if properly packaged.

Home Cooking by Mimi became a reality to give others the same choices we have. Because I cook before we come to Pawleys, meals are a breeze , and we are only in the kitchen long enough to put dishes in the oven, take them out, and set the table. Relaxation, beach and family time increase dramatically.

Great Food Comes From the Heart

Thank you for allowing me to serve you.

Mimi (Sharon) Starr
1-888-921 Mimi (6464)
Email - Mimi@HomeCookingByMimi.Com





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