Barbecue Chicken Breasts - With the succulent taste of the grill.
Turkey and Dressing - A great  American meal everyone loves.
Chicken and Dumplings -
The ultimate comfort food.
Chicken Breasts with Balsamic Raspberry Sauce - Sautéed breasts with a sauce everyone loves.
Chicken Picatta - Sautéed boneless breasts in a lemon caper butter sauce.

Beef and Pork

Meatloaf - Always a family favorite. Makes incredible meatloaf sandwiches for lunch too.
Stroganoff - Beef tenderloin combined with a sour cream sauce and served over noodles.
Pot Roast -  Tender, juicy pot roast slow cooked until fork tender with carrots and potatoes smothered  in gravy.
Country Fried Steak - Cube steak breaded and pan fried with a wonderful homemade milk gravy.
Grilled Pork Tenderloin - Marinated then grilled to perfection over hot coals and hickory chips.


Side Dishes

Broiled Parmesan Tomatoes - A delicious combination. If you like tomatoes you'll love this dish.
Spinach Artichoke Casserole -
Fresh spinach, artichoke hearts, sour cream, and sautéed onions make this a real winner.
Green Beans Caesar -
A real crowd pleaser.
Asparagus with Reduced Balsamic Vinaigrette -
A fabulous combination.
Carrot Soufflé -
Fresh carrots combined with eggs, milk, sugar, and a hint of seasoning. Even the kids love this.
Macaroni and Cheese -
Inspired by Grandma's recipe.
Mashed Potatoes -
The Great American Classic. These will be the best you've had.
Corn Pudding -
It will be a family favorite.
Hash Brown Potato Casserole -
Kids always ask for more of this one.
Creole Grits -
A great combination of grits, tomatoes, onions, celery, and peppers.
Sweet Potato Soufflé -
Baked sweet potatoes  with a brown sugar and pecan topping.




This Menu Is Subject to Change to Offer a Variety of Choices

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